Conferencia: Free Market Road Show 2014
The Future of Europe

4 de Abril de 2014, 16.00 h., Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya.

Panel 1: Centralization vs. Deregulation: More Brussels or more subsidiarity?

  • Speaker: José Pinera, Chilean politician who reformed pension system


Panel 2: Brain Drain vs. Incentives: Is regaining competitiveness the key to stop our most talented from leaving Europe?

  • Speaker: Dan Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute


Panel 3: Extremism vs. Rationality – Progress vs. Stagnation: How are major challenges like immigration, energy and single market being dealt with?

  • Speaker: Mark Klugmann, Creator of the LEAP Zones/LEAP Cities






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Ubicación de la conferencia: Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya, Auditorio. Plaça Gal·la Placídia, 32. Barcelona.



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